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Mouse adventure unit

This mouse adventure unit is brilliant its got every thing from obstacles to a slide so is guaranteed to keep the kids busy and amused for hours its great for birthdays or any type of event.

  1. A space of around 2ft will be required for around the bouncy castle.
  2. Suitable for children up to 14yrs of age, the amount of users depends on the height of the children wich is noted on the step of the castle.
  3. Safety mats,pegs and blower provided.
  4. No cancelation fees for bad weather.
  5. Our delivery times are between 7am -12.30pm and pickup times are between 7pm-10pm, if you wouldlike exact times please leave us a note in the info box on your booking form then somebody will contact you back to make the necessary arrangements.
  6. Suitable for indoor/outdoor use (PLEASE CHECK HEIGHT FOR INDOOR USE).
  7. Delivered,set up and collected by our staff.
  8. Cash on delivery.
  9. 10% discount when two or more items are booked.
  10. All our products do incur a small delivery and set up charge.
  11. All our products require adult supervision at all times.
  12. please ensure you read the terms and conditions as you will be required to sign a copy upon delivery.
  13. please call 07857256745 or Email if this Adventure unit is booked as we may have a duplicate available.

Price: £140